Dwell in His shelter
Ruby Harris

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Christmas Wishes

If I could make a Christmas wish 
And knew it would come true 
It would involve a lot of people 
And I hope that one wish would do 
I have never seen so much trouble 
That just seems to never cease 
That one wish would be for all those people 
To find Godís unsurpassed peace 
It seems that one can stand any problem
If that peace is planted inside 
For in the time that trouble so abounds 
There is no desire to ďrun and hideĒ
We are living in a lot of destruction 
Caused by nature, storms and war 
Fear and what ifís are tormenting people
Trying to find the answer to What for?
Christmas cards say Joy to the World
And Peace for the coming new year 
But joy and peace will only come 
If this message will calm your fear
Jesus came to bring His peace
On that wonderful Christmas day
Then when He went back to Heaven 
He said His peace could stay 
Wonderful peace that only He can give 
It will bring us calm in any storm 
Our Faith in Him and resting in that peace
Will keep us from setting off any alarm 
So my Christmas wish for this season 
Is for all who need Godís peace 
To go to the reason for the season 
For He will make sure it will never cease 

Sunday Dec 11, 2005
Ruby Harris 

Dwell in His shelter - Psalms 91:1
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