Dwell in His shelter
Ruby Harris

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Always A Father

Your Heavenly Father was the creator of your earthly one 
He appointed him to be your guide, to love and have some fun 
He has been there in person throughout all the years 
In the days to walk with you, in the night to calm your fears
He had a strength about him that could also make you strong 
He could take and make things right that you had made so wrong 
He always made you feel like a little princess in this world 
In your heart you always knew you were daddy's "little girl"
You can truly be so thankful for all he has helped you see 
For his strong hand has helped you be the woman you have come to be 
He has gone to his Heavenly Father leaving his strength behind 
In the days to come, that strength amazingly you will find 
Daddy will always be with you in God's own designed way 
Instilled in you greatly by all you shared everyday 
Smile when you think of your father for he has not left you alone 
Memories have left an inheritance for survival since he has gone 
He knows you will be comforted with a comfort he could not give
For God is the God of all comfort that pours out the will to live 
Your Heavenly Father will be your Everything Father now 
Remember He is the one that taught your earthly father how 

Ruby Harris

Dwell in His shelter - Psalms 91:1
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