Dwell in His shelter
Ruby Harris

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The Power of a Storm

We all dread it when storm clouds appear 
Threatening  a mass of destruction to send 
Whether its main force of fear 
Comes from the lightning, rain or wind 
Rain can drown a lot of dreams 
Or its rivers can wash them away 
The wind can blow them right from your mind
Or lightning can “burn” them up today 
There is not a way to avoid a storm 
Besides we are not the one in control
Too many factors are involved in the forces 
That causes any storm to unfold 
Storms always seem to cause great fear 
The severity of the storm we don’t always know
But, God loves it when we trust in Him 
That trust not allowing any fear to show 
When the horizon of life reveals signs of a storm
It looks like great damage may be done 
Remember that the one in real control
Can return the sunshine after it’s  gone
When a storm comes in your life 
That threatens to destroy your dreams
Remember if Jesus is guiding your footsteps 
No storm has the power it seems

Thursday, September 16, 2004
Ruby Harris

Dwell in His shelter - Psalms 91:1
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