Dwell in His shelter
Ruby Harris

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I Like it When A Plan Comes Together

Sometimes you can watch Godís awesome plan 
As piece by piece fits in place 
It takes a while to see the whole picture 
But, itís always touched by His marvelous grace 
Some parts of the plan come pretty quickly 
Then the slowness of others just boggle our mind 
Thatís when it is so important to wait 
God wonít ever leave you stranded behind 
He will move you just when he should 
To the part that is open for you to fill 
His timing is what makes the plan so awesome 
Itís always clicking in His perfect will 
He has to make sure we are ready 
To fill the place as He does desire 
He will do what he has to do 
Getting us ready to be His burning fire 
Our lives are for His use for eternity 
To illuminate to the world our Godís kind of love 
Our need for forgiveness and turning from sin 
If we want to live in Heaven above 
Godís plan is a great one 
His plan will never fail 
His is the only one that is available 
To keep manís soul out of hell 
Be ready for use by the Master Planner
When He moves you into your ďspecial placeĒ
All He desires will complete the picture 
Sealed and protected by His marvelous grace 

Wednesday, October 20, 2002
Ruby Harris

Dwell in His shelter - Psalms 91:1
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