Dwell in His shelter
Ruby Harris

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Defenders of Freedom

We must never forget the men who died
Defending our freedom while their families cried 
Giving their all for the world to be free 
They must be remembered by you and me
We must never forget the men who lived 
Returning from war after what they had give 
Their lives altered while they protected ours 
Remembering to thank them means more  than flowers
Sacrifice made that a lot of us have not done 
Surrendering to freedom a father, a husband or son 
A daughter or mother or wife not returned 
Defending our honor, watching our flag burned 
Standing tall in the face of our enemy 
Helping others to know how it feels to be free 
Many coming back with too many memories to feel
Of watching their comrades as their blood did spill
Freedom is ours but the cost has been paid 
By many of our countrymen who stood staunch and brave 
Giving their lives for country, families and friends 
Fighting in unfamiliar places so freedom never ends 
Some are still lost, not accounted for to date  
Leaving dear ones wondering about their fate 
We must remember the price not let it be wasted 
For Freedom is still costly, the price many have tasted
We must take time to thank every hero 
We cannot allow ourselves to forget so the world will know 
For while they have preserved our freedom and paid our debt
We must follow them to preserve it for others, yet.

Sunday, May 30, 2004
Ruby Harris 

Dwell in His shelter - Psalms 91:1
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