Dwell in His shelter
Ruby Harris

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What If?

What if the choir had committed to sing 
But, no one thought a song to bring 
The one who had committed the praise to write 
Had lost his desire and ran from the light 

What if the Minister walked to the stand
Everyone is expecting a sermon so grand
He simply said there is not a message for you 
I found far more exciting things to do 

What if the teachers committed to teach 
Using God's Word, lost souls to reach 
Decided that studying was time consuming and hard 
Found more simpler places where they could be starred

What if the nursery worker supplying a service so great 
Decided no more, Caring for children I hate 
The world around us could virtually be stopped 
If the commitment for this service were to be dropped 

What if Jesus while hanging on the cross 
Had decided this uncaring world could just stay lost 
Seeing lack of commitment from you and from me 
He couldn't bear the pain of hanging on that tree 

But, He stayed for His committment was in tact 
He was totally surrendered to His Father in fact 
Now as He is watching our committment follow through 
Can any less be expected from me and from you?

Monday April 12, 2004
Ruby Harris 
Dwell in His shelter - Psalms 91:1
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