Dwell in His shelter
Ruby Harris

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God Covers All My Day

Confusion comes from worry in your day 
Wondering if things will ever go my way 
Prayer got my day off to a wonderful start 
Then evil tried to plant doubt in my heart 
If I allow it to stay even as a small seed 
It will grow quickly like any useless weed
The best thing to do is to stop it right now 
Let faith stop worry for God surely knows how 
His Word will stand when nothing else will 
His Peace removes the doubt and the seed He will kill 
Godís timing is the most important factor here 
His timing can seem wrong if I give in to fear 
He has nothing to do with the spirit of doubt 
I will trust Him and let Him take it out 
His Spirit of Power and Peace will return 
His wonderful Grace will through my soul burn 
I have to realize He wants me to rest 
For only He knows what is for my best 
I wonít be confused and worry will not stay 
For Godís hand is covering all of my day 

Friday, February 13, 2004
Ruby Harris

Dwell in His shelter - Psalms 91:1
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